Tesco Malaysia “All Star Friends” Figurine

“All Star Friends” figurine are available for collection from 13 Oct – 4th Jan 2015 at Tesco Malaysia.

There are total 16 Disney PIXAR character:
Cars: Lightning McQueen & Mater,
Finding Nemo: Nemo & Dory,
Wall-E: Wall-E & Eve,
Monsters: Mike Wazowski, James P.Sullivan, Randy Boggs, Scott “Squishy” Squibbles
Brave: Merida,
Toy Story: Woody, Jessie & Buzz Lightyear
The Incredibles: Mr. Incredible & Elastigirl

Below is the demo set and limited edition game board taken from Tesco outlet.

How to collect:
1) Get your collector card from Tesco cashiers.
2) Spend RM30 to get 1 stickers.
3) Get EXTRA stickers when you buy selected sponsored products.
4) 20 stickers = FREE 1 figurine
5) Redeem your figurine at Tesco redemption counter.
6) Limited edition game board can purchase at RM19.90.

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